Book Launch, Talk and Signing Event in Berlin


Date: August 28, 2014

Time: 19:00

Location: Gestalten Space, Berlin

Join us for a special evening with Erik Spiekermann and editor of the book Johannes Erler to celebrate the book launch of Hello, I am Erik (Hallo, ich bin Erik in German) this Thursday.

You will also have the opportunity to get your copy personally signed by both Spiekermann and Erler. RSVP on Facebook.

Next Workshop with Erik Spiekermann

“You have to touch everything—you have to think about it, you have to plan a little more, and whatever you do is fairly permanent.”

We are proud to host the next exclusive letterpress workshop with Erik Spiekermann at his letterpress workshop p98a on October 17–18, 2014.

Held in German and English, it will explore the fundamentals of letterpress through theory, the mechanics of the printers used, and hands-on experimentation.

As a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from Erik Spiekermann himself, this is an advanced course for anyone interested in typography and letterpress printing. 

Available for Pre-Order Now!

The Monocle Guide to Good Business is a book for would-be business leaders, start-ups, and established companies that feel it’s time for some new ideas. It’s a book made to be used. Write in its margins and turn over the corners of its pages as you find inspiration.

It’s not a book about staging a revolution, but about doing things well—from how you run the show to the pens you buy.

Let the teaser video speak for itself.

Upcoming Gestalten Workshop


Juan Velasco, Senior Editor for Art and Graphics at National Geographic magazine will be joining Gestalten this fall to host a workshop on the “Power of Infographics.”

This two-day workshop will provide the foundation to understand the role of visual storytelling with infographics and go through the process of creating them. You will learn about gathering and preparing data, and working with numerical information to create charts, sketches, and storyboards. You will also be able to use hierarchy, color, typography, illustration, and narrative order to get your messages across with effective infographics for print editorials.

The workshop will offer an overview of the essential tools and strategies involved in creating engaging animated and interactive graphics for mobile devices and the web. 

Date: September 29–30, 2014
Time: 10:00–19:00
Location: Gestalten Space
Language: English
Limited to 20 participants
Participation Fee: €799.00

Does This Happen to Everyone? – A Budding Adult’s Guide to Puberty

Puberty is a time of big physical and emotional changes. You want to guide your child through them, but you don’t know how. Does This Happen to Everyone? is here to help! It not only tackles tricky FAQs by boys and girls about love and puberty, but also reveals the joyful adventure of growing up. 

This book is available in American English or in British English that reflect local vocabulary and circumstances.

See other new titles by Little Gestalten, a new children’s book imprint by Gestalten.
Video credit: Jan Schöttler.

PLEASE READ: Due to changes in schedules, our upcoming workshop with Erik Spiekermann, which was previously scheduled for July 25–26 has been changed to August 7–8, 2014. 

“You don’t just hit the button ‘delete,’ there is no ‘delete,’ there is no ‘return,’ you have to touch everything. You have to think and plan a little more, and what you do is very permanent. ” – Erik Spiekermann

Our exclusive two-day workshop with Erik Spiekermann is for anyone who is interested in typography and letterpress. On August 7–8, you will work and learn with your hands. You will design and set up your own press, and experience the traditional letterpress printing under the guidance of Erik Spiekermann and five instructors at the P98A gallery. Having your own press to work on, you will print from wood, lead type, woodcuts, and polymer plates. 

Limited to 12 participants only. REGISTER NOW

Hello, I am Erik—The German Letterman

Erik Spiekermann is one of the best-known typographers and graphic designers in the world. Not only does he represent German typeface and corporate design like no other, but his work and the companies he founded—MetaDesign, FontShop, and EdenSpiekermann—have also had an unparalleled influence on contemporary graphic design around the globe.

At his newly opened letterpress workshop P98A gallery, meets this master, who has been “suffering from typomania” all his life. We learn about the beauty that benefits from constraints, the heritage of letterpress printing, and his unusual entrepreneurship principles. This video also gives you a sneak peak into his upcoming Gestalten book Hello, I am Erik, the first-ever visual biography of Erik Spiekermann’s life and work.

View our upcoming letterpress workshop with Erik Spiekermann here.

Pre-order his book:

Hello, I am Erik (EN)
Hallo, ich bin Erik (DE)

Hands-on Workshop with Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann is the epitome of a typographer. With his typefaces, commercial projects, and enterprises, he has shaped the world of graphic design like no other. Gestalten proudly teams up with Erik Spiekermann to host a series of letterpress workshops at his newly opened P98A gallery.

We’re thrilled to kick-off this series with a comprehensive two-day workshop on July 25–26. It will explore the fundamentals of letterpress through theory, the mechanics of the printers used, and experimentation. Participants will be introduced to basic typesetting, including the setting of small type, as well as justifying, binding columns, distributing type, and press set up. After being led through basic printing with mock-ups, cylinder packing, and the inking process, it’ll be time for hands-on printing with one of the world’s most influential designers!

Held in German and English, this is a workshop for anyone interested in typography and letterpress. You don’t need to come prepared with anything. The studio will have aprons for everyone and a healthy supply of soap to wash off the ink after the two days. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Register here.

Book Review on yatzer today:

House of Adriano and Silvia in Milan, Design by Pietro Russo, Photography: Filippo Bambhergi, from The Chamber of Curiosity, Copyright Gestalten 2014.

New Gestalten Workshop: 3D Printing with UNFOLD


Date & Time: August 4–5, 10:00–19:00
Location: Fablab Berlin
Language: English
Participation Fee: €599

Founded in 2002 by Dries Verbruggen and Claire Warnier, Unfold is a Belgian design studio and a multidisciplinary platform at the intersection of design, technology, and art. Sharing a love of experimentation, the duo continue to expand the possibilities of 3D printing and digital production in both theory and practice. Recently, they have transferred their ideas into Printing Things: Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing, a new book by Gestalten that presents the newest technologies and outstanding projects, testifying the paradigm-shifting topic of 3D printing.

In this two-day hands-on workshop, participants will learn and explore the fundamentals of 3D printing—from ideas on paper to actual printed work. They will focus on creating and producing custom-made adapters and connectors to bring together already existing components and objects that are normally incompatible. Background on how digital fabrication could help contribute to a system of universal and open standards for parts and products can be found in the “Building Blocks” chapter of the book. 

Topics will include:
- What is 3D printing: a basic introduction into the various processes
- How to design for 3D printing: making the most effective use of these tools
- A shared language for things: how to design for re-use and interoperability
- Basic 3D modeling tools: how to translate your idea into a 3d printable 3D model
- How to practically print by using at-home 3d printers and consumer 3D print services

This workshop is a great opportunity to get an entry-level start to 3D printing and experiment with all steps in the process. Participants who are already familiar with 3D printing will also gain better insights into what 3D printing is (or is not) about and learn how to make better use of it from two renowned experts in the field.

Requirements: Participants should bring their own laptops with the following free softwares installed: 123D Meshmixer & 123D Design (both, Netfabb Basic, Google Chrome Browser. Participants should also register a free account at